15 Days of Focus: 2015.

By on December 29, 2014


Okay, here it is… 15 Days of Focus to start 2015! I’ve thought it over several times now, wondering what is the best way we can start 2015 off right and get us moving in the right direction. I’ve found that most people just cannot focus for 2 full weeks. I know it seems too simple or simply not true, but I’ve found it to be the case with 90% of the people I’ve ever worked with on any project. People talk big about their dreams, plans or goals but they just cannot follow up with that action and planning for over 2 weeks. In my companies we’ve always had ‘The Monday Meeting’ to discuss plans to actualize our goals. What I’ve found without fail is that most people came into day 14 as if we’d never even discussed the plans or goals just a short 2 weeks ago. I would venture to say this affliction stops 90% of people before they ever really get started. Life, the wind, or any excuse big or small finds a way to take up the time and focus of most people before they ever get started. So, this is where they end up residing for the majority of their life. They seem to be perpetually stuck in this 2 week cycle of never actually starting or committing to their self-professed goals. Why? I really don’t know. I have lots of theories and reasons, but ultimately people just won’t make the sacrifice to get the things out of life they want. I’ve decided in my life that I don’t need to know why anymore. FMMission’s goal is to help empower those who are truly working to break through those self-imposed barriers.

Enough about those who won’t be still reading this in 15 days. The FMMission goal is for those who will still be reading it on Jan. 20th! So, what we are going to do is give you time for the NYE Party on Dec. 31 and some rest and relaxation through the weekend! The 15 days of focus starts on Monday Jan. 5th and goes through Jan. 20. If you’re still a part of the FMMission 15 days of focus then I believe you will have positioned yourself to make major positive changes in your life in 2015! It’s that simple. Below list 5 major goals for 2015. Make a list of one thing you will do in each major goal. Just one goal and one action step! Follow through on here and let FM know that you’re still getting after it!


My 5 Major Goals 2015:

1. Make a Hit Song out of ‘Like Johnny Loved June’ 2015.

2. Make ‘Common Market’ into a profitable community focused business in 2015.

3. Develop complete infrastructure of FM Companies.
• FMMarketing
• FMMedia Solutions
• FMMusiclive.com
• FMTravel

4. Finalize Real Estate Deals on the Two FM Properties.

5. Finalize structure and outreach plan for FMMission, Dreamerlove.com & Iamnotanonymousblog.com

6. Just a personal note, make more time for family and loved ones!

I have an exact action plan for each of these goals. By Jan. 20th I’ll have plans finalized and first action steps taken. This is the goal list I will relentlessly return to when I find myself off track! Let me know your 5. We will use these same goals through the year for all 2015 Projects and goals!!!


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