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By on January 14, 2016
30 under 30


In 2008, Evans along with his friend Simon Moss, now 29, launched The Global Poverty Project, which is committed to ending extreme poverty – defined as living on less than U.S. $1.25 a day – within 25 years. Evans throws big awareness campaigns like the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park at the end of September, where people had to take “actions” online –say tweeting about poverty or watching educational YouTube videos–to earn points that could be redeemed for tickets.

Aramburu’s re:char uses biochar to help farmers in East Africa fight climate change and grow more food. Biochar is made from crop and animal waste; for a $60 investment, a farmer saves $200 annually, boosts crop yield 26%, and reduced chemical fertilizer consumption by 80%.

Aristizábal is the founder and president of Buena Nota, an organization that informs, engages and connects Colombians around social problems and their solutions. Today Buena Nota has at least 1 million individuals actively involved with the platform; Aristizabal is working to develop a strong, integrated relationship with academia, and a Social Entrepreneurship Bank that will connect ventures with potential investors.

The challenge: of the $300 billion nonprofits raised last year, $60 billion was spent on fundraising. Amicus turns volunteers into fundraisers–its online tool overlays a volunteer’s social graph from Facebook with voter registration and consumer data so that nonprofits can use their volunteers’ connections to reach out to potential new donors. The AFL-CIO, National Education Association, and this year’s pro-gay marriage ballot efforts used Amicus.

In 2009 Simone Bernstein, then 17, and her brother Jake, then 15, spent the summer creating a website that listed all the volunteer opportunities for teens in their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The reason: as a young teen Simone Bernstein had been frustrated by a lack of a central resource for this information. This March Simone and Jake launched a national website, volunTEENnation.org . The siblings also created a regional Youth and Family Volunteer Fair. Roughly



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