Building Environmental Education Capacity in South Carolina

By on January 20, 2014

South Carolina EE Capacity Project

2013 was a big year for environmental education in South Carolina and 2014 looks like it is gearing up to be even better.  One of the issues facing the field of environmental education is actually defining it to the public and helping to educate people on how it can help meet the needs of their community while producing social and  economic  benefits for a sustainable future.  In the Spring of 2013, an opportunity to build EE Capacity came across my path via the Southeastern Environmental Education Alliance and the  North American Association for Environmental Education.  Although I did not feel that the EEASC was ready to take this on alone, I thought it might be an ideal opportunity for the South Carolina Great Outdoors Project and I brought it to the attention of Lauren Ponder and Michelle McCullom from the SC National Heritage Corridor. Together we put together a proposal and were accepted.   Michelle and I were able to reach out to colleagues and associates and  assemble a leadership team.  Lauren Ponder took the lead and began diligently working to meet the requirements of the proposal and prepare us for a workshop in Baltimore in October of 2013.  Now the South Carolina EE Consortium is well on its way.  We had our first formal meeting in Columbia where over 30 organizations were represented.  The task we are faced with now is to develop a database and a strategic plan and keep everyone engaged to make it all happen.  the Environmental Education Capacity Project,



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