FMMissionaries Study: Henry David Thoreau

By on February 17, 2014


I had a friend ask me about my civil case of “Folly Moon Vs. Dept. of Homeland Security”.
I was asked if standing firm on the ground that we would not pay to obtain a permit to peaceably assemble and to exercise our freedom of speech at any cost was worth closing my business over. The permit is only $99 and customers actually offered to even pay that fee. My friend who asked actually laughed out loud at me when he heard the cost. People have expressed opinions on both sides of the argument ranging from “you’re a hero” to “you’re an idiot”. The only truly surprising part to me was that people did not seem offended to the core that The Department of Homeland Security now requires a permit from businesses who choose to play music. Not only do they require a permit to play music in any public place (in Indiana specifically where my case is) but if you demand your 1st Amendment right of The US Constitution then they will fine you $250 per day. As this played out in the life of our business I was taken aback at the level of apathy and ultimately lack of confidence in our ability to effect the aspects of American life that we hold most dear. Some people actually thought it patriotic to pay the fee…how the hell did they get some people that apathetic, I still don’t understand. So my gift to you today is a PDF copy of ‘Civil Disobedience’ by Henry David Thoreau. If you need some inspiration as to what great men and women of history have done to make this country of ours what it is today, then you will find the lives of people who paid the ultimate prices for what they believed in. Thoreau actually chose to go to jail vs. pay taxes to a government and help finance The Mexican-American War and finance a country which supported slavery.

Is there anything you believe in wholeheartedly enough to go to jail for ? Feel free to leave it in the comment section.

Here is a great article about Lavabit. An email company that chose to close rather than, as he is quoted saying, “comply with crimes against the American people”. They were an inspiration to me and to the American people. To the DHS the 1st and 4th Amendments might not mean much, but to our very way of life they are EVERYTHING! READ LAVABIT ARTICLE HERE


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