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By on March 6, 2015
15 Days of Focus Goal Worksheet copy

FMMission started out 2015 with our 15 Days of Focus Project. Our goal was to help clarify our own vision for 2015, and share that creative process with some accountability partners (that’s you and I personally, by the way).

We found that actually having a tool to help us get rid of the clutter and utilize our focus would make this activity easier for us all. We have put together a 15 Days of Focus Journal and Workbook. The book itself will have many more details and directions, but the basics are the cover (our list of 5 goals) and our daily journals (we’ve included day 1 only, but each following day is the same except for the quote at the top). Feel free to print the cover and 15 of the pages and begin utilizing this focus tool for free!

Attached is the cover / goals page and the daily journal page. Print the cover and 15 journal pages to begin. Staple them together like a book and commit to using it for the next 15 days.

The next two weeks truly are the most important of your life…

15 Days of Focus Goal Worksheet


15 Days of Focus Goal Worksheet copy

focusday1 copy

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