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By on April 3, 2014


I went exploring yesterday. In listening to Tony Robbins’ advice to, “Always take a little time, even if just 15 minutes a day for yourself,” the MMB has been taking Sundays as a day to remember why we do what we do and hit the beach. We decided to explore the islands. I posted yesterday that taking time to explore allows your mind and soul a space to create. In my exploration I decided to line out my core 4 missions in life as to hold myself accountable, and to maybe give you a blueprint for focusing down your core mission(s) so your actions and energies can all be directed toward your goals. You’d be amazed at how much you can get accomplished when you align your core goals and basic actions. So here is what I call “My Core 4”. (You can call yours whatever works for you; I like having 4, no more than 5, core missions to focus my ever day dreaming mind.)

My Personal Mission Statement: I am inspiring people to not live lives of quiet desperation.

That is my personal mission statement and I align all of my actions with my missions by focusing my energy on what I call “My Core Four”. If it does not line up with one of these four categories then I have to respectfully decline because time is the only non-renewable resource. The key is to align all of your major actions and investments of money and resources so as to use the synergy of time as your friend and not your enemy.

My Core 4:

Changing The World
1. FMMission Blog / Show / Zine – This is where I put all projects that are true to my mission of being a light of change I wish to see in the world. Non-Profits, Community Development, and empowering people to be the change. Any aspect of my life that is about the big picture and not about the money.

Helping empower live music
2. FMMusic Live Booking / Merch / Promotion / Production
This is any project that involves our empowering live music to happen. Music Venues, Concerts, CD production, booking, promotions. We use our FMMusic LLC for all business transactions in the live music business. This is FMMusic Live. This is Doc’s & Folly Moon the venues. Beatniks.

Empowering People To Understand The Business of Life
3. FMMarketing – Social Entrepr / Travel / Business Development / Consulting
This section specifically is for all non-music related business. Our focus is on empowering individuals, companies and start ups to help make an impact. This is also the marketing, sales and consulting side of the FM Family.

My Personal Time – My Family, Friends & Musical Family
4. The Michael Martin Band – Making Music. This is where my personal life and missions exist. My Family and Friends along with all my personal creative projects exist here. My general auto, housing and personal investments go here.

If it doesn’t fit into one of these categories then I have to respectfully decline because time is precious and FMMissionaries are on a mission.

Action Step:
Make your core 4 (or 5 at the very most) list and align your energies and focus. You’ll save time, get more done, and be generally happier doing more of what you love!

Mike – Feel free to comment on what your core 4 is and how you are using your core 4!

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