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By on January 8, 2014

In my mission to help be a part of the change I wish to see in the world, I am dedicated to seeing our education system change from a Industrialized Business Model made to produce tax-paying consumers to one that makes self-sufficient proactive human beings. I am often asked, “What will you do with your children? Don’t you want them to have an education?”.

It is actually almost hard not to respond in a snide cynical way because the idea that you don’t believe in the accomplishments of the US Education System does not in any way mean that a person is anti-education. Wanting to fix what is broken and not just complain about it is actually a proactive approach to life.

This 13 year old boy explains it much better than I do. As long as he doesn’t turn into a complete liar like our last two Presidential leaders then this is the kind of kid that I want to grow up to be the man who helps lead our country. Lead kindly on light…

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