What is your life’s purpose?

By on June 30, 2015
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Sometimes you have to recognize patterns in your life and put them all together to make sense. If you take a hard look at what you have been doing, you might need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

What am I passionate about? What skills have I acquired? How can I be of the best service in the world? What can I learn from the things that have happened so far? Who are the people in my network? What is happening in the world today that I can help solve? How can I use what I have learned to help others? What is my life’s purpose?

Taking time to stop and take inventory of your situation can be very valuable. There are certain key factors, when analyzed separately, that can help guide us towards a more fulfilling endeavor.

What are you passionate about? What really gets you going? You can look back at your life and find patterns that may give you clues to what makes you feel most alive. What is holding you back from actively pursuing your dreams? Many people don’t believe they can make a living doing things that they really care about. Making a living is something that often takes up most of our thoughts. As we grow and develop responsibilities, we often put off our passions to take care of the most urgent necessities in front of us that never seem to let up. What would you be doing if your time was truly your own?

What skills have you developed throughout your life? What are you really good at? What have you learned from your unique experiences that could be helpful to others? You may not realize it, but nobody has been through exactly what you have. Each time you have to overcome a struggle, you obtain valuable information and skills that could be helpful to others who encounter the same thing. Think about the skills you have developed through your unique experiences and consider how they may be of service to you and others. Once you identify your unique abilities, then find ways to constantly hone them and make them better. Forget about focusing on your weaknesses, concentrate on strengthening your strengths.

Your network is one of your most powerful assets. People often come into your life that can have a profound affect on you and others. You may have only met some of these people briefly, others you may have known for a long time and have not realized their value, and others you may have only heard about. People in your network may not only be instrumental in helping you, but you might also be the catalyst to connect people who can help each other. What relationships have you built that could be helpful to you and others?

Where there is adversity, there is opportunity. There are all kinds of problems in the world today. Some issues may really resonate with you. You may have had personal experiences that cause you to pay particular attention to certain situations that arrive. What are the issues that you care about? Why not be the solution? There are those that react to difficult situations by complaining or griping. Extraordinary things have happened to those who have overcome adverse situations and turned them into fantastic opportunity.

What is it that you can best contribute to the world? How will you be remembered? These are powerful questions that we sometimes are afraid to ask ourselves. (Besides, bills are due, laundry needs to be done, and meals needs to be prepared). It is too easy to lose track of the things that really matter when you are too busy to notice. Yet, these questions can make a dramatic difference in your life. Many studies have shown that people are most happy when they feel they are contributing positively and are in alignment with their life’s purpose. It is worth taking the time to ask the questions that force you to look deeper into yourself and take action to steer your work towards more purposeful outcomes.

What comes to mind when you ask yourself these questions? What do you discover about yourself? What obstacles do you encounter when you begin to pursue a more meaningful ventures?

Honestly pursuing your life’s purpose is never an easy journey, but it is one worth taking.

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